No Ordinary Life – Volume 1 (PDF)


By Peter Jackel.
Downloadable PDF Version.

Ghosts. Exorcisms. Voices. True tales of the ordinary, extraordinary, natural and supernatural life of a Jesus follower.

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The God of the bible welcomes all people into a supernatural life. Upon receiving Christ and becoming a Christian, a person is ‘born again’ by the spirit of God. This marks the beginning of a life that will never be the same. ‘No Ordinary Life’ is a series of short stories, written in easy-to-read, conversational style language. Each story reveals some aspect of the supernatural life that God calls all believers into. Some stories provide teaching of biblical principles, while others are just short narratives. You’ll be amazed and inspired by the world that is in operation all around us.

The book comes in booklet form (shipping charges apply) and also as a downloadable PDF format (that can be read on your devices).

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