What people are saying about the book

 It’s raw. It’s challenging! To read this book is to face the grim reality of what many vulnerable people face each day. Samantha bravely shares her darkest of days to show us the light of the glory of God in Jesus Christ. He healed Samantha and He can heal you! No exceptions! An inspiring read!



My Purple Pants is brutally honest and painful at times to read, I felt like I was with Samantha at every stage of her journey; what she endured I felt I also endured. I am grateful that she was brave enough to share the stories and trauma because it gives so much hope and reassurance that through Jesus Christ we can become a new creation.



This book is now a `must read’.

An amazing story of forgiveness, tough love, emancipation spiritually and emotionally. Covers so many different topics such as childhood abuse, control issues, mental health aspects, and is extremely honest in its telling. Your raw honesty about what happened, and the journey involved in overcoming so much…What can I say? God’s love, the love of your Christian family and of your friends, and most importantly, the radical and persistent love, amazing grace and faith of your husband in all of that….Truly extraordinary and amazing. A story that had to be told, and needing to be shared widely. Can’t wait to recommend this book to my friends.


I finished your book this morning and I have to say that you had me in tears for lot of it. In parts, I really didn’t want to read it because the things that you had to endure are so horrific. Thank you so much for being willing to be so vulnerable by sharing your testimony of the way that God has worked in and through your life and continues to do so. After reading it, it’s hard to imagine that people can think that our Lord doesn’t exist and reject the powerful and mighty God that He is.

The book is amazing, open, honest, at times disturbing and gut wrenching … in parts I felt like you and I were the same person … I applaud your bravery and tenacity and of course yours and Peter’s faith in the Lord … it has had a big effect on me, reading this book.

Wow, where to start… The journey Samantha Jackel shares in her book My Purple Pants is one that is typically seen only in the movies. That is with one caveat; the movies unless directed and produced by a Christian organization never share the depth of the Father’s love and redeeming power that is available to all. This book conveys both and with such openness and honesty, my heart breaks for all that this author experienced. That said the peace, joy, and road to redemption that she experienced is such an encouragement to me that I had to tab certain pages to reference from time to time. I would also like to share that not only did this book bless me; I let my daughter read it just because she loves to read and asked to borrow it. She read it in only two days; she said she couldn’t put it down. She called me when she finished and told me that she learned so much about God’s love and power of forgiveness that she would like to seek healing ministry to overcome her own “demons”. Anyone who knows my daughter knows this is huge! Thank you Samantha for sharing your amazing story with us and I pray that every person reads this book because the healing message is one that everyone would benefit from.
Laura Smith (Author/In All Things Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost)

I read your book in one sitting – from 11pm Sunday til 5am Monday!! It was so worth the tiredness the next day. A fantastically gripping story and such a testimony to God’s transforming power. I can’t stop thinking about …it. I’ve been telling all sorts of people about it – hope there’s plenty more copies for sale. God bless you all for doing this.

I just wanted to write to you and say thank-you for being so open and for writing your book. I was not only blown away by your story but was also impacted by the grace and mercy of God. If he can do that in your life then imagine what he can do in mine! I was very blessed by reading your book.