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Personal Testimony “Beauty from Ashes”

  • Drawing from personal experiences, Sam shares her compelling journey of survival from childhood through to adult, from abuse and heartache to healing and restoration.
  • Sharing key points on how to break the cycle of abuse
The path to Forgiveness and Freedom

  •  Learning to recognise unforgiveness
  • Knowing when you are truly free from unforgiveness
  • Walking and maintaining freedom in Christ
Defined by the Reality of the Cross

  •  Learning that if we allow and give power to our past circumstances, they will defines us
  • Learning to recognise our ‘new’ identity in Christ
  • Walking in the promises of Christ

  • Do you know what an Offence is and how to deal with it?
  • Are you bitter and don’t know why?
  • Are you trapped in a past hurt?
  • Do you have trust issues and desire freedom?

  • Samantha won Victorian Mother of the year in 2014
  • Having parented 5 children from babies to adults Samantha comes with a wealth of expereince
  • Actively involved in helping other parents with spiritual and practical assistance


Boys to Men

  • Peter encourages men to stand up in their role as Godly men and husbands.
  • With the world swamped with technology and post-modern thinking as a culture we have abandoned our moral compass and values. There is often the absence of a godly male role models in the home, church and community. Peter seeks to challenge men about God’s truth in Christ his prayer is that the truths of Christ will ring louder in the hearts of men than the pressures, disappointments, and fears that they face daily.
Standing Firm, Staying Strong 

  • Drawing from his personal experience, Peter shares how he stayed strong in his faith when all else failed.
  • Peter shares from a deep conviction and passion to men of all ages on how to be a ‘man of God’
  • The cost of standing firm on the word of God can transform your life
Peter Speaks on Deliverance from Demons 

  • Peter shares his personal experience
  • Evil Origins and Operations Today
  • Principles of Getting and Staying Free from Demonic Influences
  • Spiritual Warfare – How to Combat the Enemy
Sam and Peter

Sam and Peter

How our Marriage Healed

  • Cultivating Forgiveness, Tenderness and Love in your Marriage
  • The Marriage Vow – God’s Thinking
  • The Beauty and the Brutal

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