A bit about Samantha's story and background

Published Author

Did not complete her education yet authored her own book ‘My Purple Pants’ in 2006.

International Speaker

Has ministered in churches and gatherings in Sweden, United States and around her native country of Australia

Victorian Mother of the Year

Voted Barnardos 2014 Victorian ‘Mother of Year’ after being selected from 8,000 Victorian mothers.
Peter and I have been happily married for over thirty years and we have five beautiful adult children. We live in Murrumbeena 16km’s from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Weekends are our favourite time starting with Saturday morning breakfast – pancakes, bacon, blueberries with lashings of maple syrup and ending the weekend with our Church family on Sunday (Peter is the Pastor of Carnegie Church of Christ).

If you had have asked me when I was a child what I would be doing in my 50’s my response would have been anything other than what I am doing!! I never thought that I would reach 50 and I never thought that I would be happily married with children – I never planned it to be this way.

So now I find myself in this incredible place of being a wife and a mother and now, strangely enough an author and international speaker! Wow. I am sure that God has a sense of humour and I am also sure that my high school teachers would be more shocked than I am right now.

Let me share with you a little about how I like to spend my time. One of my favourite pastimes would be joining with my family and friends around the dining room table playing board games – at times this can be very competitive but it’s always fun. I also love being in the garden whether planting or raking up the leaves.

I love watching old movies and TV shows and to the amazement of my children it does not matter how many times I have seen a movie or show, I can cry at the same place every time. While I am driving it is not uncommon for me to turn on the radio and listen to the old classics – I love the 60’s and early 70’s music!

In 2008 my husband and I started a charity “Go the Extra Mile”, which is now in the hands of ‘Hope Builders International’.

Peter and I have always wanted to help those in more need than us. I think of all the help I had growing up and in some places around the world that help is not available.

There is no better way to help another than by putting yourself out on a limb and doing something that may cost you something (beyond just your $$$) – a great saying is “no pain – no gain”. There is not a better feeling than knowing you have gone the extra mile for someone in need.

Thank you for all those people that went out of their way to help me. xxx


Peter and I, with our beautiful children and Shep our Border Collie