I wanted to go jogging but Proverbs 28:1 says “The wicked run when no one is chasing them” – so that settles it!

This is my ‘go to’ scripture when I get up in the morning and it is cold, wet or I’m tired from a late night and my body just doesn’t want to move. Using scripture like this, without analysing its context is a recipe for disaster!

Being a student of the word means that we will spend time reading and understanding its meaning and message. We are meant to ‘feast’ on it and allow it to inform and shape our values, beliefs and behaviour. A complacent approach to studying and reading the word of God is like sitting down to a wonderful, nutritious meal of steak and vegetables and then taking a single bite and leaving the rest. We have everything we need in the meal but soon we are emaciated and weak. And sadly this is how many Christians live out their faith. Grabbing a lonely scripture here and there or reading the ‘word of the day’ can never substitute for dedicated and determined bible reading. We must prioritise our scripture reading to have a complete understanding of God and His word. If we believe that God uses His word to speak, guide and reveal Himself to us today then we must give His word the prominence of place that it deserves. Truth is something we all seek to know and understand but it can only be known when we begin to know the giver and author of truth. Keeping a close relationship with God, reading and studying His word will enable us to grow strong and faithful as servants of the most high God.