A selection of interviews and videos Samantha has featured in

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The Next Chapter

It’s been 10 years since I  wrote ‘My Purple Pants.’ Over the last 10 years I have been asked two questions,  ‘What happened next?’  and ‘Are you writing a second book?’  Here is chapter 1 as a free gift from me to you, showing you what I am working on right now.

Wesley Mission Impact TV

Samantha was recently interviewed by Rev Keith Garner for Wesley Impact TV. Samantha and Keith discuss how you can find forgiveness for those who have treated you so badly?

National Prayer Breakfast in Canberra

Samantha was approached to send greetings to the delegates who assembled at the Australian National Prayer Breakfast – held in Canberra and attracting leaders from all over Australia. As a survivor of physical sexual abuse, Samantha’s address was designed to encourage hope that prayer really does matter!

Barnardos Mother of the Year Winner 2014

Samantha winning the Victorian Mother of the Year award, 2014. Samantha was stunned to win the award after being selected from a list of some 8,000 other mothers. She went on to represent Victoria in the national awards (NSW took out the award).

Interview with Vision Radio 2014 (MP3)

Sam was interviewed on Vision Radio after winning the Victoria’s Mother of the Year award, 2014.