Have you ever tried to fit into someone else’s shoes and found them unbearable to wear!

One Sunday morning I was running late for church and left my home in a flurry. On arriving to church I noticed my feet were hurting and instead of attending to the pain I ignored it hoping it would go away – I had a busy morning ahead of me and hurting feet was not in my schedule. My church day started with smiling and chatting to our guests and congregation as they arrived to church. I was also on announcements later in the morning and as I stood front and centre of the church my feet began to throb, after the announcements I quickly found my way back to my seat. As I sat listening to the sermon my feet became so sore that I could not ignore the pain any longer, I lifted my feet up and as I looked down my feet did not look right! I realised that in my flurry I had put on my high heeled, knee high boots on the wrong feet – no wonder my feet hurt! For the next 15 minutes my mind was preoccupied with embarrassment, under breathe giggles and an overwhelming sense of stupidness!  I began to wonder who had seen my boots on the wrong feet and what did they think. How on earth was I going to change my boots over to the right feet without anyone noticing? Before I knew it, church had finished and I was still sitting with my boots on the wrong feet.

Seeing the humour in the situation I took a quick snap and then changed them to the right feet but it got me thinking about our positioning with God.

We can often find ourselves desiring what someone else has; we either want their talent, position, job or even their life. At times we can try to counterfeit their talent for ours but like having your shoes on the wrong feet it just will not feel comfortable and after a while it will hurt or bring harm to you. We are not created to be anyone else. We have to learn to be satisfied within our own call and have a thankful heart for where the Lord has positioned us and the many gifts and talents that he has bestowed on us so we can fulfill His purposes for our own lives.

Whose shoes are you wearing?

Are they yours?