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My Purple Pants



My Purple Pants is Samantha Jackel's autobiography covering the expanse of her life within it's 220 pages. It is a softback book printed by ArkHouse 2009 (c). The following is it's brief:

An encounter with a praying woman from the Salvation Army, a pair of purple pants and a deal struck with the devil would put events in motion that would, in time, alter the course of my life. I would see first hand the struggle that is played out every day over the souls of people – a struggle that exists between good and evil, Satan and God

A love starved child would grow into a desperate, scared and suicidal woman. Through the power of prayer and the grace of God, this same woman would transform and become a loving wife and mother to 5 beautiful children. This is a story of the enduring grace and goodness of God – and a love that reaches out to us from eternity past and into today.

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