If you knew by focusing on one thing, the rest of your life would change, would it not be worth focusing on that one thing? This is an interesting thought. I can recall many times in my life that I put energy and effort into things that seemed very important at the time, but months or years later when looking back it became apparent that the thing in question really wasn’t that important in the bigger scheme of things. I guess we can all suffer from ‘values myopia’ when working things out. I think re-evaluating what’s important and what’s not, is a process that we enjoy/endure as we move through seasons of life. What if the bible gives us a definite, absolute guarantee that there is in fact ‘one thing’ that trumps all others? Jesus tells a parable of a man who found a treasure in a field, and so in his joy went and sold everything so that he could secure that very field. He now possessed that treasure (Matt 13:33). Relationship with God is that treasure. We are offered an incredible gift – to engage with, and share in, the presence of God Himself. In spending time with God daily we get to speak to God and we get to listen to His reply. Why not today, commit to renewing and deepening your relationship with God. If you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him. That’s a promise.