IMG_2021Embrace Your Season

Often when we think of the story of Mary and Martha we begin to compare our lives to Mary and feel condemned or perhaps question our lives – I certainly have!

Ten years ago I can remember a time when I was surrounded by 5 very young children, church commitments and a troubled young lady (who was living with us). Sitting in church one morning the story of Mary and Martha was shared once again and I felt so gutted – I wanted so desperately to be Mary but found myself constantly in Martha’s shoes. I can remember sharing my heart of confusion, pain and desperation to a friend telling them how desperately I wanted to find the time to be Mary but often my prayer time was in the shower – which was the only place I could find solitude. The friend was aghast commenting that, “I could make time if I really wanted too”….  Wham!

After much prayer I came to the conclusion that there are indeed seasons in our lives and I have walked the season of Martha and the season of Mary. I believe that God wants our full attention no matter what season you’re in, if it is a busy season then make most of the little grabs of time you get to spend in prayer or if you have the time to hide away and just sit at His feet then embrace this time in your life. You must respect the season you’re in and come before Him with a grateful heart and if you are in the Martha season full of busyness know that the Mary season is around the corner. Do not sit under condemnation but under God’s grace that is poured out on you for the season you’re in.

Embrace the season you are walking in learning to lean into His love and Grace knowing that a season does not last forever.